Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Parker's First Christmases

Christmas came and went in a whirlwind of ribbons and wrapping, cookies and cooking, and most importantly friends and family. Parker seemed to enjoy his first Christmas(es) and by the fourth get together and gift exchange he was a pro at smiling at relatives and eating ribbon.
Here are a few photos from our 2010 holiday extravaganza.

You have no idea how many dog treats and time it took to get this picture!

Parker (and Froggy) on Christmas morning

Parker hamming it up under our Christmas tree

2010 holiday photo

Parker's first picture with Santa

The cousins first Santa picture

Monday, December 13, 2010

This Post Was Brought to You by the Letter L

Parker's socks were starting to get too small, so I dug through a box and found some of Jack's old socks. Parker's new sock size...2T-3T! Awesome, my kid looks like the letter L! Brian's reaction: "When we bronze his first pair of shoes they are probably going to be a men's size 6."

Friday, December 10, 2010

Seven Months Old

Don't let this picture fool you he NEVER sits still! I only managed to take this picture because he was tired. Trying to change his diaper is like trying to diaper a bucking bronco and getting him dressed is like trying to put clothes on a greased pig! He is moments away from crawling, but currently gets around quite well by scooting on his knees and combat crawling. He is also starting to eat solid foods. His first food was applesauce. Next came squash which he loves, he practically launches himself out of the highchair trying to get the next bite. Parker hates peas, he ate a few bites, made a face the whole time, then gagged and threw up most of the peas. We are going to give carrots a try tomorrow.

Parker's First Christmas Tree

Last Sunday the three of us jumped in the truck and headed to Belfair to the tree farm. Brian and I were trying to beat last year's tree huntin' record (45 minutes)! We didn't quite beat our record this year (just over an hour), Parker was being super picky!

Note to self: ask Santa for a photographer to follow us around so we can have pictures of the three of us TOGETHER!

...and the result of our huntin' expedition. So far Ike and Turner haven't bothered the tree and really don't seem too interested in it, the only problem seems to be their wagging tails getting too close and sending ornaments flying.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


We were finally smart enough to have the camera ready when Parker spent some quality time with his great-grandparents

My Grandparents:

Great-Grandma Mary

This picture cracks me up-they have the same expression!

GG Carl & Mary

Brian's Grandparents:

Great-Grandma Marie

Great-Grandpa Claud

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Suddenly Breastfeeding Doesn't Seem So Hard

A human baby drinks from 2.5 - 4 cups of breastmilk per day and according to Plant Earth a Humpback Whale calf can drink 130 gallons of milk a day. Now I understand why female whales are called cows.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Note to self...

If you try to distract a fussy 6 1/2 month old with your grocery list, expect it to be soaked with slobber and shredded in 2.5 seconds flat...and don't be surprised when a few shreds of paper reappear a few hours later in his diaper!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Parker is Six Months Old!

I can't believe my baby is already 6 months old!

6 month check-up stats:
head: 43 cm (25%)
height: 27.2 (75%) I started laughing when Dr. B. asked if we had tall people in our family!
weight: 15.15 (25%)
teeth: 2-lower front

Dr. B. asked what Parker's tricks were so here is a list of his tricks and accomplishments:

rolling (front to back and back to front)
gets up on all fours
stands with support
sits up with some support
grabs anything within reach
transfers objects from one hand to the other
plays peek-a-boo with himself and others
grabs feet and toes
holds his own bottle
drinks from a glass with help
smiles and laughs
sleeps through the night (most of the time)
understands how to make his toys play music/make sounds

and quite possibly his most impressive new skill...problem solving! Unfortunately, his Mommy has not learned how to properly run the video camera so this is his second attempt at extracting a toy from the basket. In the non-existent first video you would have seen him try a few times to tip the basket and get the toy before he realized he needed to use one hand to hold the basket, and the other to grab the toy. I know everybody says this, but my kid is a genius!

Friday, November 5, 2010

For Your Enjoyment...

That kid in the window sure can play a mean game of peek-a-boo!

Fighting crime and saving the world sure is exhausting!

I have no idea why I'm talking like Napoleon Dynamite in the first video and have suddenly developed a lisp in the second...I really wish there was a mute button on the camera!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Parker tried out a few costumes for his first Halloween...

Superman was a no go, he appears to be a reluctant super hero.

He liked the cuddly teddy bear outfit...he's holding paws with the bear!

He is the cutest teddy bear I've ever seen!

Two Teeth!

You can see both of his teeth in this picture.
If you thought Parker's smile was cute before, wait until you see it now!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My First Toof!

Parker's first tooth appeared on Friday October 22nd. This is the first and only picture I could get of the tooth. His second tooth broke through sometime around 2:20 AM Wednesday morning.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Birthday!

In honor of Brian's 31st birthday here are 31 reasons why I love my husband!

Brian I love you because…

1. You are an amazing father and loving husband
2. You are hard working
3. You are handy
4. You like holding hands in public
5. You are supportive, thoughtful and caring
6. I love it when you wrap your arms around me
7. You were a selfless and dedicated birthing coach
8. You attended 12 weeks of birthing classes with me, even though you could not stand the “whack-a-do” couple
9. You look sexy in camo
10. You have never played hooky from work
11. You make the most amazing omelets
12. You call me on my BS
13. You laugh at all my “quirks”
14. You kill giant man-eating spiders for me
15. You always let me warm my cold feet on your lava feet
16. No matter how many times I put my cold hands up your shirt, you never retaliate
17. You get so excited when you spot the first sample table at Costco
18. You eat something I can’t have and tell me it tasted awful even though it was delicious
19. Every so often you ask if I got a haircut, just in case I actually did
20. You help my parents whenever they ask
21. You are freakishly strong
22. Your pinky is bigger than my index finger
23. Your giant gorilla mitts are always warm
24. You always call to ask if you need to pick anything up on your way home
25. You keep asking how old Parker has to be before you can take him hunting
26. You checked “the money is no object” box and authorized doggie life support when Ike got sick
27. You request soap and shampoo that smells manlier…like dirt or motor oil
28. You always make a joke and bring me back to reality, when I blow things out of proportion
29. You can sleep through anything, but during the first few weeks would instantly
wake up whenever Parker made the tiniest noise
30. Your face always lights up when you see Parker and...
31. I love how excited Parker is to see you too!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Adventures of Ike and Turner

From what we have pieced together the Brothers Dim escaped from our backyard around 3 PM, frolicked in a neighbor's yard, trotted across a large field, waded through a creek down to a small inlet and chased each other along the beach until they stopped to play with a friendly chocolate lab. The owner of the lab checked Ike's collar (at some point along the way Turner's collar disappeared) and gave us a call around 5 PM.

The red A is where they ended up -- if you know us well enough you know our street and where they started from. What boggles my mind is Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb have no fear of cars, and by following the creek and shoreline they completely by-passed two busy roads.

View Larger Map

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oh Boy, Here We Go!

I think Parker will be crawling by Christmas!

(Please try to ignore my horrible French accent)

Is the next generation too dependent on technology?

The answer is yes!

I read this article a few weeks ago, and as teacher and new mom, it really stuck with me.

Are we raising a generation of nincompoops

By Beth J. Harpaz, Associated Press Writer September 27, 2010

NEW YORK --Second-graders who can't tie shoes or zip jackets. Four-year-olds in Pull-Ups diapers. Five-year-olds in strollers. Teens and preteens befuddled by can openers and ice-cube trays. College kids who've never done laundry, taken a bus alone or addressed an envelope.
Are we raising a generation of nincompoops? And do we have only ourselves to blame? Or are some of these things simply the result of kids growing up with push-button technology in an era when mechanical devices are gradually being replaced by electronics?
Susan Maushart, a mother of three, says her teenage daughter "literally does not know how to use a can opener. Most cans come with pull-tops these days. I see her reaching for a can that requires a can opener, and her shoulders slump and she goes for something else."
Teenagers are so accustomed to either throwing their clothes on the floor or hanging them on hooks that Maushart says her "kids actually struggle with the mechanics of a clothes hanger."
Many kids never learn to do ordinary household tasks. They have no chores. Take-out and drive-through meals have replaced home cooking. And busy families who can afford it often outsource house-cleaning and lawn care.
"It's so all laid out for them," said Maushart, author of the forthcoming book "The Winter of Our Disconnect," about her efforts to wean her family from its dependence on technology. "Having so much comfort and ease is what has led to this situation -- the Velcro sneakers, the Pull-Ups generation. You can pee in your pants and we'll take care of it for you!"
The issue hit home for me when a visiting 12-year-old took an ice-cube tray out of my freezer, then stared at it helplessly. Raised in a world where refrigerators have push-button ice-makers, he'd never had to get cubes out of a tray -- in the same way that kids growing up with pull-tab cans don't understand can openers.
But his passivity was what bothered me most. Come on, kid! If your life depended on it, couldn't you wrestle that ice-cube tray to the ground? It's not that complicated!
Mark Bauerlein, author of the best-selling book "The Dumbest Generation," which contends that cyberculture is turning young people into know-nothings, says "the absence of technology" confuses kids faced with simple mechanical tasks.
But Bauerlein says there's a second factor: "a loss of independence and a loss of initiative." He says that growing up with cell phones and Google means kids don't have to figure things out or solve problems any more. They can look up what they need online or call mom or dad for step-by-step instructions. And today's helicopter parents are more than happy to oblige, whether their kids are 12 or 22.
"It's the dependence factor, the unimaginability of life without the new technology, that is making kids less entrepreneurial, less initiative-oriented, less independent," Bauerlein said.
Teachers in kindergarten have always had to show patience with children learning to tie shoes and zip jackets, but thanks to Velcro closures, today's kids often don't develop those skills until they are older. Sure, harried parents are grateful for Velcro when they're trying to get a kid dressed and out the door, and children learn to tie shoes eventually unless they have a real disability. But if they're capable of learning to tie their shoes before they learn to read, shouldn't we encourage them?
Some skills, of course, are no longer useful. Kids don't need to know how to add Roman numerals, write cursive or look things up in a paper-bound thesaurus. But is snail-mail already so outmoded that teenagers don't need to know how to address an envelope or put the stamp in the right spot? Ask a 15-year-old to prepare an envelope some time; you might be shocked at the result.
Lenore Skenazy, who writes a popular blog called Free-Range Kids, based on her book by the same name, has a different take. Skenazy, whose approach to parenting is decidedly anti-helicopter, agrees that we are partly to blame for our children's apparent incompetence, starting when they are infants.
"There is an onslaught of stuff being sold to us from the second they come out of the womb trying to convince us that they are nincompoops," she said. "They need to go to Gymboree or they will never hum and clap! To teach them how to walk, you're supposed to turn your child into a marionette by strapping this thing on them that holds them up because it helps them balance more naturally than 30,000 years of evolution!"
Despite all this, Skenazy thinks today's kids are way smarter than we give them credit for: "They know how to change a photo caption on a digital photo and send it to a friend. They can add the smiley face without the colon and parentheses! They never took typing but they can type faster than I can!"
Had I not been there to help that 12-year-old with the ice-cube tray, she added, the kid surely would have "whipped out his iPhone and clicked on his ice cube app to get a little video animated by a 6-year-old that explained how you get ice cubes out of a tray."
Friends playing devil's advocate say I'm wrong to indict a whole generation for the decline of skills they don't need. After all, we no longer have to grow crops, shoot deer, prime a pump or milk a cow to make dinner, but it was just a couple of generations ago that you couldn't survive in many places without that knowledge.
Others say this is simply the last gasp of the analog era as we move once and for all to the digital age. In 10 years, there won't be any ice cube trays; every fridge will have push-button ice.
But Bauerlein, a professor at Emory University who has studied culture and American life, defends my right to rail against the ignorance of youth.
"That's our job as we get old," he said. "A healthy society is healthy only if it has some degree of tension between older and younger generations. It's up to us old folks to remind teenagers: 'The world didn't begin on your 13th birthday!' And it's good for kids to resent that and to argue back. We want to criticize and provoke them. It's not healthy for the older generation to say, 'Kids are kids, they'll grow up.'
"They won't grow up," he added, "unless you do your job by knocking down their hubris."

Sunday, October 10, 2010


If you are like me you always have a few eggs in the fridge and if you are also like me you often find yourself staring into the fridge at 5 PM trying to find something to make for dinner. Here is your answer!

9 inch unbaked pie shell (homemade or frozen) **I usually just skip the crust
A handful or two of grated cheese (any kind)
10-12 eggs
A splash of milk (roughly the same amount you use when making scrambled eggs)
Add any amount of any of the following: green onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, spinach, etc.
1-2 handfuls of any of the following: bacon, sausage, ham, etc. (cooked)
Salt & pepper to taste

Whisk eggs and milk together. Add remaining ingredients and mix. Pour mixture into 9 inch round pie shell OR if you are skipping the pie crust simply spray a 9 inch pie pan with cooking spray. Cook at 350 for 45 minutes, test by sticking a knife into the center-quiche is done when knife comes out clean. Quiche will puff up in oven, let sit on counter for 5-10 minutes to deflate.

Mrs. Field's Chocolate Chip Cookies

This recipe yields 7-8 dozen cookies. I usually roll all the dough into balls, bake some and freeze the rest. If you have a Kitchenaid mixer use it, this dough can be tough to mix together without a little mechanical help.

Cream together:
2 cups margarine or butter
2 cups brown sugar
2 cups white sugar
4 eggs
1 T. vanilla

Mix in:
1 tsp. salt
2 tsp. baking soda
2 tsp. baking powder
5-6 cups flour
3 cups oatmeal
Stir in:
16 oz. chocolate chips

Roll into golf ball size place on a cookie sheet. Bake at 400 for 6-8 minutes.

Hashbrown Casserole (H.B.C.)

This is a crowd pleaser! This can also be prepared the night before and simply popped in the oven while you are getting ready in the morning.

1 lb. package of frozen shredded hashbrowns
2 cups grated cheddar cheese
1 pint sour cream
1 bunch of green onions
handful of bacon bits
Fresh ground pepper

In a large bowl, mix together hashbrowns (easier to mix when potatoes are slightly thawed), cheese, sour cream, and onions. Spread evenly in a 9x13 greased casserole dish. Sprinkle with pepper and bacon bits. Bake at 350 for 35-45 minutes or until cheese is bubbling and the top is brown.

Frozen Chocolate Pudding Parfaits

Due to Parker’s dairy allergy I tried to make chocolate pudding with coconut milk, but for some reason it would not set. Brian suggested freezing it and the result was creamy slushy chocolaty goodness! Basically a Jell-O pudding pop in a bowl!

One package instant chocolate pudding mix
Coconut milk, rice milk or for you lucky bastards - milk (amount indicated on pudding package)
Whisk together milk and pudding powder. Pour into individual ramekins or small microwave safe bowls and popped them in the freezer for 2-3 hours. The pudding will be rock hard. Microwave for 20-30 seconds (depending on the power of your microwave)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Know My Name!

Breaking news! Parker now responds to his name!
Brian was playing with Parker last night. I said, "Parker!" and he turned and looked at me. I tested him a few more times and he looked every time.
To make sure he wasn't just responding to the sound of my voice I said. "Brian!" No response.
"Ike!" No response from Parker, but I got licked and beaten with Ike's wagging tail.
"Turner!" Nothing from Parker, but Turner tried to jump on my lap.

This picture has nothing to do with this post, just though he was freakin' adorable!

This Is It...the sequel!

The other day Cari asked me what Parker was going to be for Halloween. She was not happy with my response...nothing. So Cari this is for you!

Can you guess who Parker is suppose to be?
How about now?
Need a hint...

Gotcha! Parker's wardrobe malfunction was due to me forgetting to snap his onesie so we left it til the next diaper change. Oh and he is going to be a teddy bear for Halloween.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My New Favorite Sound!

This is only the third time Parker has laughed!

Please forgive my annoying fake laugh, it was the only way I could get him to laugh for the camera!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Parker's "First" Feeding

Recently, Parker has been really interested in what Brian and I are eating and I was starting to feel bad that he just sits there and stares at our food. Sarah suggested spoon feeding him some breast milk...this is the result!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Point Defiance Zoo

On Saturday we took Parker to the zoo for the first time. The animals were quite active and Parker's cousin Jack had a great time watching the animals and entertaining us with animal sounds. Parker was content to hangout in his stroller and have Brian push him along the paths. We will try it again next year when he can really enjoy the animals.

Parker is only a few weeks older then this tiger cub. Check out the paws on this guy!

I think Parker's first trip to the zoo was more exciting for his parents and his cousin Jack.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Parker is Four Months Old!

Oh Mom! Stop you're embarrassing me!
I'm way too cool to be kissed like that!

Told you I was cool!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

For Jack Barry

Sorry you are not feeling well and we won't be able to see you this weekend. Parker wanted me to post these videos to help cheer you up and make you feel better! Hugs & Kisses.
Love, Parker & Aunt Amy

Parker flip flopping

Practice for the zoo

Random video of the boys playing

Monday, August 23, 2010

This is How I Roll...Over!

Parker rolled over for the first time on Saturday!

August 23, 2010 (15 weeks)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Innuendo or my dirty mind you be the judge!

I have been reading quite a few children's books to Parker and beginning to think some of these authors are on drugs and/or have dirty minds.

Exhibit A: What drugs was this guy taking? A Golden Book called Uncle Wiggily has a main character called the skillery-scallery alligator who wants to nibble on Uncle Wiggily's ears. The alligator tries to get Uncle Wiggily out of a tree by using his "rough nutmeg-grater tail" to saw down the tree. The other characters devise a plan to scare away the alligator by painting his tail red.

Exhibit B: This author needs a girlfriend...or boyfriend. In a book called Danny Beaver's Secret, Danny wears a tank top and flashy belt. One of the main characters is named Pussy Cat and he borrows her flowers to help him with his secret.

Exhibit C: Maybe I can use this book to teach Parker about child molesters. These are exact quotes! "When you wish to return," he continued, "grip my staff tightly and stand behind me. Close your eyes and think of your own home..." He took the staff and stepped behind the chief. As he did, the boy felt a great surge beneath him...

Seriously, I did not make this stuff up!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Passing on a Life Lesson to the Next Generation

Today I took Parker to the Clerk's Office to meet my old coworkers, then we headed to Juvy to surprise Elaine at her retirement party. As we left Juvy I thought back to the first time my Dad brought me to Juvy (at that time he was the Juvenile Detention Supervisor). So I looked Parker in the eyes and repeated what my Dad had said to me. I explained that bad boys and girls go to juvy when they break the law, so he better be a good boy and if he was a bad boy he would be spending the night there because Mommy & Daddy would take their sweet time picking him up!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy First Birthday Ike & Turner!

Ike and Turner are officially a year old today!
Looking back over the pictures I can't believe how quickly they have grown! They have given us moments of laughter, tears and frustration but they are so worth it!

The day we brought them home!

Two months old and already best buddies!

Starting to look more like dogs than puppies.

Naps on the living room floor became a nightly tradition.

Um, Ike I know you like to snuggle but do you know where your head is?

Full grown ...we hope!

I dropped some bacon, unfortunately it appears that Ike's head is too big to fit far enough under the counter to get the last piece!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

What a Difference Two Months Makes!

Parker was two months old on July 7th! I actually feel like he has been here longer than two months (but in a good way!) Looking back at the pictures it is amazing how much he has changed in such a short period of time!

2 days old

8 weeks old

Parker's impersonation of Edith Ann

Friday, July 2, 2010

Help Us Name the Boys!

Parker's fur brothers will be a year old on July 11th and Brian and I need to come up with middle names so we can register them with the AKC. The names I call them - Ike "$hithead" Masten and Turner "damnit get down!" Masten aren't very catchy. So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

If you have never met these two, here are some pictures & info to help inspire you:
Ike and Turner are chocolate labs & they weigh almost 100 lbs
Ike is taller and darker than Turner
Ike is a destructive dog toy, stick or house stands a chance
Turner is more aggressive when they wrestle and play
Turner is a digger and a barker/whiner

Don't let these cute puppies fool you, they were already
showing signs of being adorable destruction machines!

All grown up, handsome aren't they!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Four Days of Firsts!

Brian, Parker and I spent four days in Lake Tahoe to celebrate Chuck and Cari's wedding. Here is the list of firsts Parker experienced.

Parker's first time...
being in another state (California & Nevada)
on a plane
getting a diaper changed in an airplane bathroom
spitting up everything he ate on himself and his mommy
spitting up in mommy's hair
being away from home overnight
staying in a hotel room
being in a casino (don't call CPS we had to walk through to get to breakfast)
being at a wedding
being held by a beautiful bride
watching mommy & daddy dancing
wearing shorts
getting bit by a mosquito
sweating in 100 degree heat
wearing nothing but a diaper and socks in public

Monday, June 21, 2010

25 days old

Here is a quick video of Parker playing!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Mother of the Year? Not in this House!

Like all little boys Parker has peed all over his changing table on several occasions. Yesterday I took off his diaper and he instantly started peeing. I quickly covered him and started cleaning him up because he managed to spray himself in the face. When he was done I took off his diaper, turned to grab a wipe and turned back around to see him peeing again...this time in his own mouth!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Parker is Two Weeks Old Today!

What did we do to celebrate? Well if you ask Parker we tortured him. He had his two week check-up today which also included getting circumcised. Brian had been trying to get out of this appointment for over a week and really looked like he might pass out. So he stayed in the waiting room while I went in to comfort Parker. Parker was a real trooper, only cried a few times and quieted right down once his diaper and clothes were put back on.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Epic Saga of Parker David

Wednesday May 5th (11 days before my due date) started out like any other Wednesday. I went to school, had my 38th week doctors appointment - nothing out of the ordinary until 6:20 PM when I was walking through the house and felt a gush...oh crap did I just pee my pants? I quickly headed to the bathroom to investigate, but wasn't 100% sure it was my water breaking. Then just before Brian came home it happened again, followed by some contractions. To make sure it wasn't false labor, I started walking around and timing contractions. Seemed like the real thing! So I started tidying up the house and packing some of the last minute items we would need to take with us. By 9 PM the contractions still weren't very painful but they were 2 minutes apart and Brian was starting to sweat about the 45 minute drive to the birthing center so I called and told them what was going on and the nurse suggested we come in.

When we got to the birthing center I gave the receptionist my name, then turned to Brian and said. "Oh, there's another contraction!" The receptionist smiled at me and said. "And what are we seeing you for?" Hmmm, this is a birthing center, it is 10 o'clock at night, I'm pregnant and just had a obviously I'm here for a boob job!

We had to hang out in the triage room for 2+ hours until my doctor and the nurse were 100% convinced that my water had actually broken and I was in active labor. Even if I wasn't in labor they weren't going to let me leave because my blood pressure was really high. Finally, the second test confirmed it (duh!!!) and we were moved into a room. Luckily it was a corner room and the largest in the hospital because it would be our new home for the next 3+ days.

My amazing fantastic and fabulous sister was suppose to get on a plane to LA at 7 AM Thursday morning but she selflessly cancelled her trip and showed up to the hospital around 3 AM and did not leave until Parker was born. The first 24 hours went fairly smoothly, contractions were not very painful (a sign that this was going to be a long labor) Brian didn't get home from work until 2 AM on Monday so I made him spend a lot of this time sleeping while Sarah and I walked the halls...and walked the halls...and walked some more. Every time I laid down to rest or to be hooked up to the fetal monitors the contractions would get further and further apart. So frustrating!!!

On Thursday afternoon, my parents, Brian's parents, and my sister-in-law Sarah set up camp in the waiting room. I'm sure they had no idea they would be there until the wee hours of the morning. Around the 23 hour mark my doctor came in to let me know she was done with her shift and we needed to talk about my options. Since my water broke so early, at the 24 hour mark they were going to start giving me antibiotics to make sure Parker would not get any infections, etc. She also suggested I think about using pitocin to speed up the contractions and get things moving. I had tried some natural ways to speed up labor and stimulate contractions but nothing was working. Brian and I discussed it and decided to try the pitocin. After the first hour it was obvious that the contractions were getting stronger.

The last six hours of labor were a blur, Brian was an amazing coach he stayed by my side the whole time and knew exactly what to say and do to make me feel better. I remember telling Brian I couldn't do it anymore and I wanted an epidural. He calmed me down told me I was doing great and convinced me to wait 30 minutes before I asked the nurse for the epidural. I labored in the jacuzzi tub for a while which helped a lot. Because my water broke so early the nurses and doctors would not check me to see how dilated I was because of the risk of infection. Finally, when I got out of the tub I said a felt like I needed to start pushing soon. The nurse check me and I almost cried! I was only 6 cm dilated! I labored for a few more hours and actually found myself falling asleep between contractions because I was so tired. The contractions were super strong and I was having a hard time not pushing with the contractions so the nurse checked me again and I still wasn't fully dilated. I tried not to push but couldn't help it and after 20 minutes she checked again and said get the doctor in here! FINALLY!!!! After the doctor came in I only had to push for 3 contractions and suddenly after 36 hours of labor there he was!

At 5:02 AM Dr. Quimby laid Parker on my chest, he opened his eyes let out a little whimper and I instantly fell madly and deeply in love with him. He was beautiful and perfect in every way! My mom had parked her chair so she could keep an eye on my room and everyone got really excited when the doctor and nurses started rushing in and out of the room. After about an hour Brian started shuttling the families into the room and they were finally able to meet Parker. The best part...Parker David and his Grandpa Dave share the same birthday! We were finally able to take Parker home around 3 PM on Saturday. We were exhausted and so happy to be able to be home and sleep in our own bed.

Monday, May 10, 2010

He is Finally Here!

Parker David
May 7, 2010
5:02 AM
7 lbs. 12 oz.
20.2 inches long
When I am less sleep deprived and have the energy I will write about his birth, until then you will just have to enjoy the pictures of our little man!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lay Off Animal Planet!!

Here we go again...another gem from one of my students:

male student: "Mrs. Masten, when does Parker eat the yoke sac?"
me: "What?" (with a look of complete confusion on my face)
student: "When does he eat the yoke?
me: "Do you see me sitting on a nest? I'm not a chicken! There is no yoke!"
student: "Well then what does he eat?"
me: "Um, there is an umbilical cord..."
student: "Gross he eats the cord?"
me: "NO! He gets all the nutrients he needs through the cord. Next year, health class is going to blow your mind!"
another student: "Dogs eat their placenta"
me: "Oh lord! Time out, how did we get from Australia to this subject? Back on track people!"

Baby Shower part II & III

Last Friday I drove to Port Orchard to have dinner with Rebecca and Amanda. Little did I know it wouldn't just be the three of us! I arrived to find a table full of my former Clerk's Office co-workers and was surprised with a baby shower. It was so much fun to catch up with all of my favorite ladies and David even braved the estrogen to stop by for a bit. We munched on great Mexican food and got caught up on all the latest happenings.

Today, Kelly, one of my amazing colleagues at school threw a mega-shower for the three pregnant teachers at PHS. We are all due in May: 15th, 17th & 31st! The substitutes in our district will be busy! Everyone was so generous and even shared great practical advice for us first time moms.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Baby Shower!

I spent last Saturday afternoon with an amazing, funny, and generous group of friends and family. My sister Sarah hosted the party at her mother-in-law's beautiful home. Sarah made some yummy food, the best punch I have ever had, and tasty strawberry cupcakes for dessert! Then we laughed, chatted, played a game and spent what felt like hours opening gifts! Everyone was so generous and found such cute outfits and baby gear!

Later that night, I tortured Brian by telling him I just wanted to "show" him all of the loot that Parker got, then I started organizing and setting up everything. Finally, after about an hour Brian couldn't take it any more, grabbed the fleece blanket my Aunt Connie made Parker, folded it into a pillow and fell asleep on the nursery floor!

Because I can't possibly post pictures of all of the amazing gifts Parker received, here are pictures of some of the most unique gifts:

My fabulous sister-in-law Sarah gave me a memory can with little note cards inside to help quickly record all of Parker's important milestones, then when I have more time I can add these events into his baby book.

My amazingly talented Aunt Linda made Parker an adorable colorful dog quilt. She creates these beautiful quilts for various family milestones and always includes a dedication with the year it was given. I hope this becomes Parker's favorite "blankie."

Jeanee and her daughter Alexis made these cute letters to hang in the nursery. (After Brian and I hung them we stepped back to admire our handy work. I was concentrating on whether the letters were spaced evenly/hung at the right height and declared they look great!...Brian agreed, but pointed out we spelled P-A-K-R-E-R instead of PARKER!)

Finally, my Mom's best friend Louise from California sent this cute hooded bath towel with Parker's name embroidered on it. The hood has floppy ears and it has a matching dog bath mitt!