Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's Official...I Have a Man Cold!

A few weeks back Brian and I woke up with sore throats. Brian's "cold" lasted exactly 2.5 seconds but I still have mine. It got better, but this week it came back with full force. I knew I was getting worse when Brian told me that I sounded like the Marlboro Man and I noticed he had Googled "cough and cold and pregnancy" so I asked him if I would survive. His response: "looks like you'll pull through, but if you cough really hard you might pee." Great! For Parker's sake I saw my doctor today and thanks to my lowered pregger-immune system my little cold has turned into bronchitis! So Parker and I are drinking tea with lots of honey, taking our meds and making Brian cook dinner tonight!
If you didn't understand the Man Cold reference in the title you have to watch this clip!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Our First Real Sleepless Night as Parents...

of two crazy dogs!
This was my fun filled day...
7 AM found a pile of regurgitated kibble yummy!
10 AM Ike was eating grass...oh boy
4:30 PM cleaned up after Ike's intestinal pyrotechnics
5 PM Ike ate his dinner very slowly and was super lethargic
8 PM oh joy, more puking
10 PM bedtime, we let the boys sleep in our room so we could monitor Ike
1 AM he threw up again
3 AM Ike was whining to go outside and ran straight for the grass to do some business
5 AM both boys woke-up playful, hungry and with tails wagging
6 AM Ike scarfed down his breakfast
7 AM Ike wrestled and played like nothing had ever happened
10:30 AM Brian discovers the reason for all this up the yard he found a rather large chunk of blanket and a big rock that Ike had swallowed and finally passed
Labs should come with warning tags! It was a long worry filled 24 hours and I can only imagine it will be 10 times worse when Parker gets sick for the first time!

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Name Game

The name game started not long after we found out I was pregnant. I started scoured the web looking for names until I was cross-eyed. Soon we had compiled a list of both boy and girl names...ironically mostly girl names.

I think we were both subconsciously worried about having a girl. Brian mentioned needing to train the dogs to stand inside the front door snarling and growling at any boy waiting to take our future daughter out on a date. I'm pretty sure he pictured himself sitting behind the dogs cleaning his rifles. Then his worst nightmare was realized this fall at a PHS football game. The cheerleaders were dancing and grinding their way across the field in shorty shorts when the five year old pee-wee cheerleaders came out onto the field with tiny pom poms and cheer skirts to join them. Wide-eyed Brian turned to me and said. "How do we make sure our daughter never wants to be a cheerleader?" My biggest worry...not knowing how to french braid.

After the ultrasound tech eloquently announced. "We have a winkie!" We went back to searching for names, this time focusing on boy names. Finding that perfect name is a surprisingly nerve-racking process. My criteria for a name was simple: something that was spelled normally, easy to pronounce and unique enough so he wouldn't have the same name as another classmate. Brian's criteria was a bit different but just as important: does the name rhyme with anything dirty or would his initials stand for something embarrassing?

Finally, we had enough names to start trying them out and debating our favorites. I would like a name but Brian would veto it because he had a terrible coach or went to school with an A-hole with the same name. As a teacher it is also pretty difficult to find a name that does not remind you of a former student...bless their little hearts! I even came up with some joke names, but Brian wouldn't even let me mess with his Dad and Grandpa and tell them we were going to name him Barrack. After much searching and Brian liberally using his veto power we finally decided on the perfect name.

Parker David

After we decided on the name I looked up the meaning. Parker means "keeper of the forest", Brian was pretty excited about that one! The middle name comes from Brian's side of the family. Brian's Dad's name is David and Brian's middle name is also David.

So there you have it, we finally have a name! Now we just have to figure out how to convince Parker that skinny jeans are only for girls and its cool to always wear head to toe protective gear!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Child Birth 101

Last night was the first night of our Bradley Method Child Birth classes. Sarah and Troy took the same class (from a different instructor) before they had Jack. Sarah recommended the Bradley Method and since she was such a pro in the delivery room I signed us up. The class is small, only five couples so we meet at the instructor's house. The class went great, I learn several pregnancy exercises and we were taught some relaxation techniques. We practiced the relaxation techniques in class so that we could make sure we were doing them correctly. Brian was a great coach, he rubbed my back and said relaxing things like..."Just imagine practicing this at home with Turner & Ike wrestling on you and trying to lick your face."
The last 10 minutes of class was the dreaded child birth video. Sarah had warned Brian the there would probably be a video on the first day, and begged me to take a picture of his face when he was watching it. The video wasn't too graphic and Brian didn't even try to cover his eyes!
The class got over around 9:30 PM and here is where things started to go wrong. I opened my car door and immediately saw the drivers side seat covered in glass and there was a huge hole in the windshield! We had parked under a tree so at first I thought a branch had fallen on to the car, but there was no branch to be found. We looked around the car and finally saw a huge rock in the backseat. I don't know if they were bored, didn't like my PHS Proud sticker in the back window or didn't like our instructor's husband who is a cop, but absolutely nothing was missing so it was somebody just being an a-hole. There was no way we could drive the car home, but luckily we were about a mile from my friend Cari's parent's house. I called their house and without hesitating, Jim told us to drive on over and we could park it in their garage. When we got there he was warming up his truck to give us a ride home! Hopefully next week's class is much less eventful.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Look Out for the Crazy Pregnant Lady!

Last Friday night I started looking for baby furniture on-line. I found some cribs, dressers and changing tables that I liked but no matching sets. To make matters worse most pieces said 2-3 weeks before the furniture would even leave the factory! My overactive nesting instinct kicked into overdrive and at 10:30 PM on January 1st the crazy pregnant lady appeared. Until now, I think I had been fairly sane but there was no stopping this hormone driven crazy train!

I threw down the laptop and yelled at Brian; "That's it! We are going to Tacoma tomorrow and getting some baby furniture because no child of mine is going to sleep in a dresser drawer!"

Brian, who had been quietly watching TV until my outburst stared at me with a confused and scared look on his face and said the only thing that would derail the crazy train. "Okay, what time do you want to go?"

And with that I morphed back into my normal self.

On Saturday we headed to Babies R Us where we found a set we both liked. They had the crib and dresser, but we had to order the changing table. We set up the furniture on Sunday and all is finally right in my crazy hormone driven world.

I'll post actual pictures of the nursery when we get it completed.