Thursday, December 31, 2009

Baby's First Christmas...Presents

This Christmas Baby Masten received several Christmas presents. His very first Christmas present was from his Aunt Jeanee (Jeanee is a former co-worker of mine and the person that introduced Brian & I.) Jeanee gave him a super cute and very soft blue and white stuffed dog.
From Grandpa & Grandma Q he received a cute and toasty sleeper with brown puppies on it.
Finally, his Aunt Sarah & Uncle Chris (Yup, my sister-in-law's name is Sarah gets even more confusing because my sister Sarah has a sister-in-law named Amy!) gave the baby some adorable outfits and his first pacifier...from Cabela's camouflage of course!

Thanks to Chris & Sarah, Brian is happy to see that Baby Masten will be familiar with excavators, dump trucks & loaders well before his first birthday. I'm sure he is really looking forward to the day his dad sits him down and explains how the strength of steel is calculated and that cement is an ingredient in concrete. I might suggest this to Brian if we are having trouble getting the little guy to sleep!
(For those that noticed: no, these pictures were not take in 2005 I just forgot to reset the date on the camera)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Brianisms-Husbands Say the Darndest Things!

I was charting my basal temperature to figure out ovulation and my temperatures were always really low (95-96 degrees most mornings) Brian asked if I can carry a kid in my ice cave.

At 4 months Ike was 40 lbs & Turner was 38 lbs. Brian thought Jack (our 7 month old nephew) weighed around 40 lbs and was shocked to hear that our 6 & 7 year old neighbor kids weighed about as much as the dogs.

To stay sleeping on my side, I had to create a nest with a body pillow on one side of me and two pillows on the other. Brian said it would be pretty easy to just attach a kick stand to my back to keep me propped up.

Heard the baby’s heartbeat at my doctor’s appointment. Brian asked if the baby was running a marathon because it was beating so fast.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Blog Name

A great big thank you to my Aunt Connie for coming up with the clever name for our blog!

...and baby makes five!

Brian and I found out Aug 28th that we would be expecting a new addition to the family. This was exactly one week after we brought home two adorable and rambunctious chocolate lab puppies. What can I say we have excellent timing! I had the pleasure of experiencing morning sickness almost everyday until 18 weeks. At 19 weeks I finally felt the baby move and we found out we were having a boy.

December 14 we had our first ultrasound and were finally able to see what this little guy looks like! I shared this picture with my classes and announced I was having a boy.

The money shot, I did not share this picture with my classes. Some students, mostly boys were trying to figure out where the equipment was on the full body shot. I told them that I had no intention of showing them this picture because I did not want to explain to my son that 85 freshmen students saw his winkie. So instead I'll just post it on the Internet!

Now that we know we are having a boy the real planning, preparing and naming debate can begin!